Norton® Sand Dollar Buffer Pad 16"

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If there is one thing a flooring contractor hates more than anything, it's scratches. There is no way to get a perfect wood floor without a perfectly sanded floor and minimizing scratches is critical. Norton Sand Dollar Pads are a patented design that allows you to smooth and prep the surface of a floor to properly accept the next coat of finish without the risk of swirl marks. The foam backing pad allows the product to abrade the surface without penetrating deep into the finish for an overall smoother floor.


Norton Sand Dollars are available in four Grits:

  • Coarse/Blue for surface prep for recoating
  • Medium/Red for between coats abrading of oil modified finishes
  • Fine/Yellow for intercoat abrasion of waterbase finishes, oil modified finishes and acid cure finishes
  • Very Fine/Green which is specialized for intercoat abrasion of waterbased finishes