Nottingham® DuraTool T-Bar Applicator

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Duratool heavy-duty t-bars come in multiple lengths and weights. Different coatings require different weights so Duratool offers lightweight and heavyweight options to help put the right film thickness on the floor. The heavyweight helps to apply a thinner layer of coating. Lengths of a t-bar are more for preference of the contractor. The T-Bar is a 18′ or 24′ wide tool for applying finish. Heavy duty or heavyweight t-bars should be used for oil based finished. The heavy duty t-bar is just the head portion, you can add a standard threaded extension pole to it to use for coating floors. The swivel headgrip allows for greater control when applying the finish.


  • They apply a wide range of waterborne and solvent based finishes with professional, even, consistent coverage every time
  • Large areas such as open commercial and residential spaces, hallways and gym floors, are finished flawlessly in record time without any bubbles. 
  • Metal construction
  • Adjustable swivel rate
  • Long lasting parts
  • Easy to clean